I liken my time at the Collins Center to an intense workout. With a heavy heart, I came to them at a time when fear consumed me and hope was just some far-off idea. Their services are generous and their team is one of a kind— true instructors of healing. The Collins Center staff pushed me to grow, never beyond what I could not handle, by encouraging me to feel, cry, and share. They went above and beyond their job description to help me find control and use my voice. They validated me. They listened without judgment. They offered me insight and relief and hope. With their support, I underwent a forensic interview, received individual counseling, and participated in group therapy. Group offered me a chance to bond with many strong, inspiring women I would have never met otherwise, and it was a space to exercise artistic expression when my words failed to suffice. For a long time, their office was my only safe haven.
Don’t get me wrong: my time at the Collins Center was tough. It was painful, and at times I wanted to give up and quit. But I never left their office feeling like it was a mistake or that my time was wasted. They taught me to trust the process. (It’s a long process). And though I’m still working it out, I know I am much stronger because of the Collins Center.