Get Involved

If you are interested in joining our team as a volunteer or intern, please follow the links in the Get Involved menu to read the application process that best applies to the experience you’re looking for.

For all general or civic volunteering opportunities, please contact us at 540.432.6430 /

What could my donation fund?

  • $10 – Buys a children’s book for the forensic interview waiting room
  • $25 – Buys art supplies for an art therapy session
  • $50 – Buys a school presentation promoting healthy relationships and child sexual abuse prevention
  • $70 – Buys 1 therapy session
  • $150 – Buys 2 hours of court accompaniment for a child while their case is being heard
  • $250 – Buys 1 forensic interview or 1 month of therapy
  • $500 – Buys 2 months of therapy

Click here for a printable donation form