Sexual Assault Crisis Services

If you have recently been assaulted, or if the assault occurred a while ago, you have options. Whatever you decide to do, the Collins Center is here to help. We provide services for women, men, and children – many of which are free, confidential, and available in Spanish. Interpretation is also available for services in additional languages.


Prevention & Education

Sexual violence affects most of us either personally or through the experience of a loved one. In fact, 1 in 4 women and 1 in 5 men in Virginia have been sexually assaulted before age 18 (source). Because of its prevalence, it is important to know about this issue and how to support those affected by it. The Collins Center offers a variety of prevention programs tailored to the unique needs of our community.


Trauma-Informed Therapy

The Collins Center's therapy team uses a trauma-informed approach to journeying with survivors and their non-offending family members. With extensive training and specialization in the field of sexual violence, the therapy team works together to provide trauma-informed outpatient mental health services to children, youth, and adults. 


Child Advocacy Center (CAC)

The CAC is a safe, neutral, child-friendly setting where victims of child abuse can talk about what happened with trained staff. We offer trauma therapy, court advocacy, and a specially designed forensic interview room where representatives from our Multidisciplinary Team come together to provide a thorough and efficient process that improves investigations and lessens trauma for child victims.