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After spending the last 20 years living in Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and Miami, Anita (originally born in Harrisonburg) found herself drawn back to the diversity, immediate access to nature, and deep sense of community.  She moved back in 2014 and was immediately intrigued with the purpose and mission of The Collins Center.  Having worked in a large non-profit for over 14 years, she wanted to continue to pursue a purpose and passion in her work life.  She has worked as the Finance and HR Director for Miami Vineyard Community Church for over 14 years and also ran the finance and liability as well as property management for 13 years at Fairway Property Managers in Key Largo, FL.  Working with small but growing companies gave her the gift of helping formulate and maintain company structures and policies in order to see companies emerge with a healthy finance base and improved client satisfaction tied directly to the wellbeing of staff and management.  She feels honored to be able to serve such a vital organization as The Collins Center.  In her spare time, she attempts to share her beloved six-year old's unique passion for ceiling fans and seeds and loves traveling with her husband to "non-touristy" places where they can get happily lost together.  

I’m always humbled and amazed to see how resilient the clients, staff, and multi-disciplinary team personnel are considering the subject matter they deal with every day. It seems odd to attribute an abiding sense of hope and optimism to a sexual abuse and child advocacy center but it’s absolutely true - just when your heart begins to feel heavy from all the trauma and pain you encounter on a daily basis, the staff and the people they coordinate with every day pick themselves up and do it another day with the same enthusiasm and care - it’s inspiring.

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