A partnership to keep kids safe

The Child Advocacy Center (CAC) is a safe, neutral, child-friendly setting where victims of child abuse can talk about what has happened.  The Collins Center and Child Advocacy Center provide child specific trauma therapy, court advocacy, and a specially designed forensic interview room where representatives from Social Services, the Commonwealth Attorney, and Law Enforcement can come together to ensure children don’t have to repeat their stories.  This team approach is more thorough, efficient, and lessens the trauma to children.  The Collins Center, along with team members, assists children and their families through the process of disclosing and prosecuting child abuse.

The CAC chairs the Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) where representatives from local agencies meet to discuss cases and ensure the community is working together to lessen further trauma for the child.

Each Child Advocacy Center is unique to the needs of its community and is formed to best respond to those needs.  The professionals in our community have been working in a collaborative manner for a period of time, however the Child Advocacy Center will further this approach through training, coordination and advocacy to victims and their families.  The center functions as a shared project amongst professionals with a vested interest in supporting and treating child abuse victims throughout the investigation and prosecution of their abusers.  Because of this center, families in our community now have a central location and coordinated team to walk with them through this process.